Dustin's Message

This message was given to Dustin's brother Jacob two days after Dustins death. While Jacob was traveling alone in his car contemplating what to talk about at Dustin's funeral he heard Dustin's voice talking to him. This is the message that he shared. Dustin asked that Jacob share this message with all of his family and friends.

Dustin wants to share his love with those here and those that couldn't make it. He knows each of your sincereity from each of the different angles from the different paths of life that you do walk. He wishes to express how deeply saddened and sorry he is for his mistakes in departing from this life, that it was not meant to be and he is sorry. He wishes to express his love to his mother, his father, and his family. He wants to let his mom and dad know how much he loves them and how much he appreciates them for the time he had on this earth with them. He wishes to allow each in the audience to keep their minds open as he has a message from the spirit world to share with those here in the audience. He wishes to express, though life may be hard, we are meant to be living and helping each other live. And to accomplish this common goal we must only do things that provide life for us. He says that substances that do not help us live are not allowed in our bodies. If we are to respect his death he wishes for us to not allow substances in our bodies. This includes drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or any harmful substances to our body or mind. I mentioned the mind because what we think about the most we take action on. In taking harmful substances it not only kills our body temporally it also gets us closer to death. Instead we need to live. Put things in your body and mind that help the body and mind live. Avoid pornography and replace it with pictures that help the mind but don't degrade the woman. Read good books that help you think about being positive and teach you ways to think. As you eat healthy, exercise your body, read good books, all of a sudden you start seeing that there is a purpose to life. If you keep putting death into your body you will get death. Unless you can somehow try to live by putting good things in, you will only see the negative to life. For me Dustin, who spent a couple of years in the North Carolina Charlotte mission, I learned the purpose to life. I learned what happened before we came to earth, and what happens after this life. I learned life is a lot easier understanding the purpose and living it, then understanding the purpose and not living it. There are some who may not even understand this purpose. Whether you understand or not my invitation for everyone is START LIVING. There is life after death. I am in a spirit world called paradise and I am with loved ones around me. I have relatives that I haven't seen for a long time, yet it seems like it was just yesterday when I was reacquainted. Our time on earth is such a small time so please live and do not put harmful substances into your body. Be the person that helps others live. My mission on earth is now over and I have a new mission. My mission now consists of repenting, growing stronger for me and allowing my spirit to be reunited with those that are with me now. To be clear about where we came from, what the purpose to life is, and where we will go when we die you must believe in God. You must have faith in a creator that He is living. Each person must pray to God daily. As we pray to God daily we will find peace, direction, and purpose to this life. Each of you needs to understand the song known as "I am a Child of God." The words repeat:

  • I am a Child of God and He has sent me here
  • Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear.
  • Lead me, guide me, walk beside me
  • Help me find the way
  • Teach me all that I must do
  • To live with Him someday.

Folks I want each of you to know I love you, I want each of you to know you are special sons and daughters of God and because of this you've got to open up your minds to understand this. Please if you take anything from my death, respect God and live as though you would want to be with Him again someday. Live so that all of us might be able to see each other again someday. The better we live, the more we give. The more we strive to be alive and not dead our lives will find purpose. This will allow us to understand what God wants us to do. Spend quality time with each other. Spend time to make memories like my family did with me. This will allow each of you when you depart this world and you go to dust like I have, that you will be able to recognize and understand the many beautiful promises that God has for families. Families are meant to be together, not only on the earth, but also in the afterlife. You cannot believe what a marvelous family I have. My family extends so far that I have only yet to begin to understand what a heritage I have come from. Morris family continue in your great heritage, which you have come from. Be honest to your purposes here on earth. To love each other, to cherish each other, to spend quality time with each other, to be nice to one another.

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